Banging Drums With Flashlights

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This was my second student film for the second semester of first year cinematography at the Nation Film School of Poland:)

This was my first student film for the National Film School of Poland, first semester of cinematography :)


Crystal Castles - Plague

OH FUCK YAH….NEW CRYSTAL CASTLES “PLAGUE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamil Walesiak Kamil Walesiak Kacper Żieba Kamil Walesiak

Photography chemist…


Sample music for my first student film “Repeat”

Próbka muzyki do mojego pierwszego filmu studenckiego Powtórka



D.O.A. - Sleigh Bells


As you may not know… I just like forests.

A shot I took many months ago.

Just decided to walk around Łódż, go into the gritty areas and document life that appeared before me at the time.

Hope you enjoy :)


I let the frail tress taunt me... ...Can't let the dawn air haunt near

I wish I could live in the forest…

Build a cabin or just live in a cave…

Have enough film/battery packs to last my entire life…

and have internet access to keep my sanity connected with the outside world…

but live anonymously…

with the one i’d call my other.

+ a hammock. A definite +++

Deep in a Polish forest…

Make A Wish Scratch The Surface Pressure Foggy Highway Wandering Glass Eight Floors To My Conscience Inarticulate Path

An Abstract Series of Mine.

With my love of lines and texture I came up with this after a really long thought process. I Hope you Enjoy :)


- Nikon D300

- B+W Neutral Density Filter

- Photoshop Used For Cropping Only.


Adam Zap|ART| Photography

… You’ll Only Leave Me Dry.

I reminisce on the past where things seemed wrong,

but today they seem so right.

Another addition to my series of Abstract skyscapes, which hopefully will expand to something wonderful.

"My Chaotic Dream…Autumn’s Wretched Gleam"